about us


Psychology House is a centre for psychological assessments, therapies and counselling across various age groups. Our main objective is to provide multi-disciplinary team approach across all age groups to mental health issues related to assessments and therapies for child, adolescent and adults, developmental issues cognitive enhancement, speech and language improvement, occupational therapy, remedial education, behaviour and emotional issues.
Psychology house is a centre for various psychological, emotional and learning needs. We cater to all issues such as childhood emotional, behavioural, adolescent health, stress related issues, family and marital counselling, parenting and career counselling.
Psychology house has a team of expert psychologists, special educators, psychotherapists, Behaviour therapists, speech therapists, career counsellors & occupational therapist.
We run a centre for specially abled children inclusive of developmental delays, autism, Down syndrome, ADHD, Behavioural issues & all sorts of intellectual disabilities, where we concentrate on skill based learning and development at individualised level. Both psychological, skill enhancements and educational needs would be addressed

The Psychology House we provide platform to understand and taking the time to manage and carefully use resources. One of our greatest resources as human beings is ourselves.

our vision

At The Psychology House, we provide place where people of all ages can come, take time and receive assistance from highly trained psychologists, counsellors, Therapy dogs and other allied health practitioners, such as occupational therapists, speech therapists, healers and life coaches. To begin to know themselves better and develop effective ways to function in everyday life.

our mission

The Psychology House is a place that promotes the understanding of human strength and potential. The Psychology House is a quiet and peaceful place where you can learn more about yourself and how to use your individual resources your strengths and your abilities to better manage he world you live in, grow happier and develop your skills for health social and emotional wellbeing.

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